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A worker in rhythm, frequencies and intensities. Research and development in the areas of music and technology. I am a professor of future music in the Music Department at the University of Sussex and a research professor at the Iceland University of the Arts. In 2021 I served as an Edgard-Var├Ęse guest professor at the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin.

Research interests include musical performance, improvisation, new technologies for musical expression, live coding, musical notation and digital scores, artificial intelligence and computational creativity, programming education, and the philosophy of technology.

University Profile: Thor Magnusson

Current Research Projects:
- Intelligent Instruments - An ERC-funded research project
- Sonic Writing - Genealogy of Digital Musical Instruments
- MIMIC - Machine Learning in Musical Creativity
- Sema - Designing live coding languages for Machine Learning

- Sonic Writing: Technologies of Material, Symbolic and Signal Inscriptions
- Scoring Sound: Creative Music Coding with SuperCollider

Research Publications: Thor Magnusson

Personal Website: ixi audio

Twitter: @thormagnusson

Code repository: github

Keybase: cryptocode

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